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BRAVAGO | | noun

Bravago was created by entrepreneur Matt D’Andria and wrestling superstar, Bill Goldberg, to be the best tasting hard seltzer ever. Bravago Bold Seltzer is uniquely formulated with natural flavors and lightly sweetened with monk fruit. Each 12-ounce can of Bravago is gluten-free and Stevia free with only 3-4g of carbs and 110-120 calories. Of course, Bravago wouldn’t be bold without a little extra kick, so each can contains 5.1% alcohol-by-volume (ABV).

Most hard seltzers make you feel bloated and have a weird aftertaste. Bravago is different because of the ingredients we use. It’s the perfect refreshing drink with an extra punch!

Whether you’re constantly living life on the go or prefer just taking it slow, Bravago is best served chilled with your feet kicked up surrounded by your crew.


Monk fruit is a melon native to southern China and northern Thailand. After the seeds and skin are removed from the fruit, the juice is collected and dried into a concentrated powder that is much sweeter and more flavorful than sugar without any of the guilt. There are zero calories, zero carbohydrates, zero sodium and zero fat in monk fruit extract. Furthermore, monk fruit is easy to digest and doesn’t leave you with the bloated feeling from sugar alcohols like erythritol.


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